Wednesday, 9 June 2004

"The Relevance Of Writing" or "Why I Continue To Do What I Do"

Once again the day opens with an awakening.

It started badly.

I looked up from the porcelain basin to find that someone had removed the only mirror in the house and I stared at the blank wall.

I still saw myself.

I offered the usual excuse; "You are close to something, and they are all behind you."

What was said and what was meant are two different things.

What I meant was: No-one understands

Or: Everyone understands.

Because I don't understand, I have to assume that no-one understands. If no-one understands, we all share a collective ignorance, we can can all empathise, and everybody understands.

So, here is a question for you. Do you wish to read about what you understand, or what you do not? Because I shall write of what you understand in a way that you do not, and in doing so i shall share your ignorance. I cannot patronise or claim soverignity or sit in your place, i cannot tell, i must only show and this will happen in due course, it will flow from my pen to the ends of the earth, but not further because we know nothing of beyond.

We understand nothing of beyond, only that we shall all die breathing the same silence, saying nothing, understanding nothing, understanding everyone. Everyone understands.

All that from a missing mirror.

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