Monday, 21 June 2004

Thoughts when watching Tarkovsky with girl I could love

dear whoever,

I can’t stop looking at the your complexities

the circularity and the linearity

you prove to possess: your angles tempt me;

there are stories there.

you have an appreciation of audience that

makes me think this is love and with

your notions of why, the sweep of your scene,

I could talk about you all day

gently mimicking your clipped vowels

and the way you move the light

to suit your purpose, and how you

let me see into your many minds

I find solace and being and real

answers and resolutions that

seem as designed as your perfectly

perfect wardrobe even though

occasionally there is something

you are not telling me and

I feel shameful of my idiocy

and angry in inadequacy, but it goes.

today was ours.

I won’t stop thinking about you.

you make me want to lie down.

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