Wednesday, 7 July 2004


Why am I tired?

It is all the obscurities.

I now know everything. I really do.

I am aware of the histories that reside there.

The social networks have become clear.

The lineages have been caressed and followed for years.

I have spoken and heard of reasons and motives are plain to me.

Investigations into purpose sink redundant.

The confusions have been exposed and expelled.

No justification is hollow, no prediction in vain, no stone unturned.

The signifiers signify.

The projections have faded, the trust returns.

Confidence slowly ebbs back unseen, proving all things right.

I understand the universals that always apply, no matter what.

I have walked across fields and hills, and by rivers to get to you.

I must sleep.

One cannot be in the head of another.

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