Wednesday, 10 November 2004

Stories We've Told

They died through the telling of modern tales:

the long evenings of traffic

the forlorn curvature of the bus-route

the happening at x of x

the workers strike strike striking

the development borne through consequence

the encyclopaedic decline of potent labours

the landlord not allowing animals

the spectral bond achieved with furnishings

the swollen pots and chequered rugs

the carpeted excuses

the literacy achieved without a phone

the disturbing regularity and frequency of the hour

the condescending tone of the ceiling

the noise at the back door

the arguments with the walls

the casual, doleful lounging at noon

the constructing of a silo for emotion

the trespass into a dream

the words of her

the devil’s version of events

the gravity of the situation

pulling water from the tap

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