Wednesday, 25 May 2005

before the expanse

Before the dream it occurs as prevention, an act of prohibition restricting certain areas from colour, a physical barrier between the colour of the dream and spaces in which the colours seeks to explore, permeate, embody. A forced ignorance upon the dream, a blinkering and a looking-away.

Tiredness, inebriation, the length of the sleep are as important as a realisation of our emotional make-ups; what I am prepared to discuss with myself, what I wish to be revealed how much I desire answers that I cannot predict.

It is like the misunderstanding of stories, stalling on leaving the bathroom having been soaking for hours. On leaving the bathroom, panic sets in and the walls begin closing, perhaps, or changing colour, maybe, and everything becomes a reminder and a slow descent into breathlessness. The heart raises its rate, the pulse now shouting into eardrums, blood chanelling through limbs and one's head feels a lightness.

To sleep upon an occurance like this is to alter a horizon, it is an influence upon the expanse.

Regions of consciousness and of thought must be preserved. Simply keeping them dry and exercising care will preserve them. An avoidance and a reservation, a reluctance to engage with what it is to be a human will ensure a peaceful, white night’s sleep. This is the denial of thought.

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