Thursday, 23 June 2005

an expanse #2

The pond itself held only the reflections of the trees on the far side of the pond, the younger birches, which were held quivering in the pond’s surface. On the far bank of the pond, purple and brown reeds dipped into the water and were also reflected. The tall oak on the far left could not be seen in the water.
The pond was elliptical, but wider towards the left, near the shadow of the holly tree. While it was thinner on the opposite side, it appeared to be much more so due to an extensive growth of dark green reeds, which all bent slightly to the left. The green colour grew considerably darker towards the tips. The green of the reed’s base was quite virulent and seemed to pull itself from the water because the pond’s hues were muted and hazy, a clutch of greys and beiges, organic and dull. An overcast and stultified colour seemed to resonate throughout the pond, at odds with the variety of colours exhibited by the trees and grasses that encircled it. The haze upon the water’s surface was not algae or weeds, nor silt, for the water could be felt to be clear, it seemed that way.
The water seemed to hold the incoming night, the light from the surface being entirely incongruous with the still lightened sky. Despite the strange confusion of clarity and cloudiness, the pond held no sense of depth, nor in fact of being liquid at all; the notion of it being a pond seemingly pertained only from past experience rather than any actuality of form or indeed contact with the pond itself.

No wind moved across the pond, nor within the branches of the trees or the tips of the grasses. A stillness could be felt across the surface of almost everything, a lack exacting itself upon almost everything.

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