Thursday, 23 June 2005

progress report

A shy cluster of apologies for recent reticence. Luckily absent friends have been ruling the roost.

Been doing:

- Ingratiating myself with the fascinating opus of autism, spectrum and personality, worlds alone are worlds apart are worlds together. We all share obsession. I am a structurer, guider and enraptured observer. There is without doubt a truth in the fragile common sense of these misunderstood. Misunderstanding is listening all wrong.
- Moving piles of books and music to spaces where bags of clothes were but have now been moved to where the heap of shoes lay which are now filed in cardboard next to the rows of picture frames removed from the wall where there now stands an edgy space all ready for new lives.
- Scouring and preparing for layers of matt, and chiselling plaster from the skirting boards whilst sinking coffee and drawing on cigarettes shaped a bit like the end of the day the end of the day the end of the day always coming too quick, like an echo, but never clear enough to understand, like an echo.
- Trying to not get over you, my distant mixed-up friendlover, you are a being with a future, but as you lie in green encampments and lose all your schedules and ties I expect that you think of me seldom knowing that a continent awaits you while a glassy unsurety holds me.

May be missing for a while (again), eating the upside-down fruit of life and then coughing up the pips down the drain of sleep.

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