Wednesday, 1 June 2005

stay away

First: a disclaimer and a signal, the beacon beckoning. I don’t love much.

The unhappier I become, the more I despise. This is what it comes down to. Unfortunately and deeply Romantic in this sense, the projection of my colour onto these four walls, the streets and the skies (correction: sky) is an inevitability, a haunting and a dare I suppose. It is not a complicated procedure.

I like to maintain this mute fa├žade, this sense of WHO and WHEN and the OTHER. I know, I promise you that I know. This is unwieldy and unsatisfactory, unreadable and uninteresting, unprecedentable and unregulatoriable, unqualmilaficient and unprescientiableness defined.

I say, as I’ve said before, very little with a lot.

But I like routine, I think it is good.

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