Thursday, 24 April 2008

Afternoon sun filters into our district as children move into the streets. The rain has gone. Excitement today, excitement at plans and planning. Confirmed an event for the new cinema that has enthused me. Listening to their new album, they have the sound of a previous incarnation but pointed in a new direction. Craft underlies the production and the show – their debut performance – will allude to the writing concepts and the unique space in which it is being delivered. The petulance of my post two days ago now seems impulsive and forlorn. Such is life.

My music is coming along too, preparations for my gig on Monday are proving enjoyable, which has to be a good thing. The dictaphone work, field recordings and live instrumentation are finally binding, which is a relief after the hideousness of the practice I had on Monday.

Went to the record shop today, after buying patch leads and coiled ¼ inch guitar jacks. Had three albums in mind, but none of them were in stock. Listened to Ben’s suggestions which were, as always, delivered with an inescapable energy but none were quite right – not even Autechre’s remixes of Eno, nor the minimal glitch of Aleph, nor traditional West African song from the year 1100, nor Skull Disco’s tribal dubstep. I skulked out of the shop into the rain, feeling a little ashamed. It is quite some shop when you feel like an intellectual prude when you walk out empty-handed. What a great place, I shall link to them on the right.