Tuesday, 8 April 2008

Writing first thing, I am reminded that everything is broken in this house, and that it was I who broke it all.

When I bought an ill-fitting shower hose, soapy water began to pour through the kitchen ceiling. The back gate is unlockable because I shattered the padlock with a hammer after it had frozen in a deep frost. The freezer was already broken but since I tried to defrost it, it produces three times as much ice. The damp in my room is caused my refusal to move the furniture. I pulled the bathroom door from its hinges and, last week, the washing machine door simply came off in my hand.

Even this mischievous office chair, with its fractured base and tendency to change height at will, is my fault. The chair was broken when I retrieved it from a skip. It was in a skip for a reason but still I picked it up and brought it back to this house, where everything is broken.