Thursday, 5 June 2008

A simple case of forgetting, forgetting and priorities. These days are punctuated like badly written sentences, pauses and endings all in the wrong place, different parts of the day left unconjugated.

Yesterday: production of CD-Rs, sourcing of addresses to send preview copies to, research into Berlin’s underground music scene, emails to try and locate work in Germany, general administrative tasks involving flight details, travel insurance, directions to accommodation, tax and unseemly amounts of parcel tape and cardboard.

Today: Recycling of clothes, exchanging money, packaging of CD-Rs, dispatch, follow up email enquiries for live performances, practice German, print city maps, visit Shipley Art Gallery, return answerphone messages, meal with friends, small leaving party. Done and done.

At least one appointment must be made in a day to provide a focal point, a summit to work around. Without this, everything is put off until it can no longer be done. This is the message.