Wednesday, 23 July 2008

Begin again with this diary in the Berlin sunshine, the day easing into the room over the sill and across the floorboards, filling the kitchen with a bright warm light. I suppose I should be doing things.

Returned from Ferropolis on Monday, where Cara and I stayed for the weekend for a music festival. The scenery was the real draw, huge towering abandoned cranes and mining devices next to a flooded quarry in the middle of nowhere. The bands played on stages and in tents and as dusk fell each night the lights rose. Electrical storms prevailed throughout and we got more than a little wet.

Today all this seems very far away and I back to the more administrative side of things, organising myself for musical events. I have three performances in the next five days or so, all very different and with their own obstructions. One is to be broadcast, one is tape-only (no radios, keyboards, guitars, electric boxes) and the third is something quite different, more expanded and with an interesting cast of supporting musicians. So to practicing – last night I made my ears ring, but I discovered new things and these discoveries heralded new coincidences and new sounds. Improvement is a slow game and an intangible one sometimes, but I really enjoy the fact that the main tool of my trade is listening, and to think that one’s listening could be improving, that an awareness of the world around you is increasing, is a nice thought and easily enough to carry you through a slow morning.