Thursday, 3 July 2008

Have been workshopping all week, loosely aiming towards an exploration of architecture and kinetic sound. My model is nearly complete and comprises of a dual tape deck mechanism torn from an old stereo, a modified circuit board from an old walkman and a circuit board built from scratch which contains an amplifier, an 3-input board and a motor driver with three variables. The motor part takes mains power and can be adjusted in power, on-off duration, and frequency. This drives the main stereo deck mechanism.

The three inputs are as follows:

one – eight contact microphones are placed around the stereo tape mechanism. This picks up the mechanical sounds of the gears, the pressing of buttons and the moving of drive belts. Copper wire and springs attached to moving parts provide tones as parts are reset.

two – a copper coil picks up electromagnetic frequencies from the motor, this is fed through the amplifier via input two.

three – the motor current is passed through the walkman circuit board, overloading its circuits. Various bridges are made to over-capacitate it and then the resultant sound is taken from the old speaker outputs back into the main circuit board via input three.

Speaker lines are then taken out to a small speaker set into a thick cardboard tube sawn in two and then glued back together. This is then encased in wood, and sits beneath the circuits which are housed on a metal cage taken from a computer tower.

Plan is to perform on Saturday at final Tuned City event and then debut it proper at a forthcoming event.

Other than that, Berlin is rhythmical. Early mornings, late nights, plenty of sunshine and starting to explore the north and east of the city on bicycles of course. Tearing through novels, listening to lots of music, feeling generally overwhelmed by the concentration of talent in one place and having to reconfigure my approach to ambition, slowly. This is not to say there is nowhere to go, but rather that the journey is more important than the destination.