Thursday, 21 August 2008

One of those weeks where the structure of hours seems subject to some intangible whimsy; at each blink the definitions seem destined to slip away so that moments after waking, the sun begins to go down and we all enter evening together, smothered by a blanket of inactivity, drinking red wine and listening to the cicadas.

Yesterday was the start of a much anticipated two weeks of visits from England, family and friends descending into our little city. Itineraries are planned, frantic interactions between transports, trailing round on the elevated rail, trams, underground trains, buses and – perhaps today, after the zoo – boats.

Seeing this element of the city, the queues and crowds, is easier and more satisfying when done for free, looking costs nothing, and with Cara and I as impromptu guides the city quickly becomes postcards, slides of memory captured for posterity within anecdotal utterances that define areas with a beautiful sense of misremembering and disinformation – this is how cities are built.