Saturday, 17 January 2009

An evening spent minimally working, or rather working to a minimum. Spent some time this evening eating, and some time watching music videos that ranged from degraded VHS uploads of post-hardcore gatherings to truly depressing 'in the studio' documentaries with supposed saviours of modern music. It becomes immediately apparent – even with factors of considerable boredom and creative myopia taken into account – of the reasons for the mundane nature of those alternative, American guitar-based groups that display, well, a mundane nature. At the core, there is an arbitrary approach to making the music, a non-conceptual focus, a lack of concern with theoretically grounding, a lack of concern with symbols and with semantics, too much time to...

Hence, my evening in, my own little tribute to mundanity. Snow outside is now barely there, receded to a frozen margin at the edge of the paths. The weekend, holds more planning for transmediale, more thought on re-structuring systems, more secret work on the future. The will be room to see people visiting from the UK no doubt and perhaps to record with Six White Horses. I cannot pin my current self-willed isolation, and it is there, despite occasional relations with the outside world, on anything. There are too many factors – project focus, my love being in a different country, discernible absence of plans, even the cold is a social preventative.

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