Thursday, 15 January 2009

Work continues apace and after a long but broken night's sleep, things have begun to fall into place. Shapes appear in those structures that were formerly lists of numbers, those abstractions I choose to give to an event in the name of planning.

Another type of plan is forming too of course. As the snows of Berlin begin to melt this morning under an insistent fog, there is something within that – regardless of present pressures – must look ahead. March, it has been decided, will be the date I leave this house and this city. But what to?

Currently, it is not known, but a combining of efforts is required. Somehow, I must draw together the strands of my pursuits to this date and begin to focus. Acousmatic recordings, extended meta narratives and work in digital culture must somehow fuse. Perhaps in academic work, backed up by live practice? Still I think to those patterns of power (patters elucidated upon in many a transmediale session) that I exist within, that peculiar period of 'after colonialism'. Was 2008 and its falling finances the last vestiges of post colonialism? Or just the beginning? And what role for the novel, or for experimental music?

Now, back to work. Onto the tram into town, to meetings and circlings. We've been here before of course, wrapped in logistics, and each time it is the demonstration of critical thought within the event itself that provides me with renewed vigour.

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