Thursday, 8 April 2010

I think that everything is political. I think that amplifying one's voice is political. Taking up space is political, because space is contested and loudness is related to power and access. Technology has everything to do with [politics], by its origin and in terms of access to it... exterior to what is actually being amplified.
Marina Rosenfeld

Amplification and space, then. Spreading the word, enacting community upon passive voices, drawing crowds into choral sources, shouting from the rooftops, passing on the message, speaking universally of enablement and inclusion, marketing the medium.

Not just speaking, then. Not just amplifying. Rather, the origins of technology, the control of access to it. Not so much the voice behind the microphone, but the foil, the diaphram, the capacitor, the RC circuit, the phantom power, the shielded wire, the fuses, the bipolar junction transistors, the loudspeaker, the power switch. Not just signal, then, not just signal. Instead, the opened mechanisms of power.

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