Saturday, 18 September 2010

Headed for Gemert, somewhere outside of Eindhoven, and arrived with familiarity at the main station and got a lift through the flatlands of the countryside, past breweries and duckponds, haybales and bicycles. Arrived at the venue, a quaint living room, sorted amplifiers and set-ups, bought cigarettes, complained a bit of self-inflicted tiredness and then we wandered around the village, everywhere stages, us having stumbled into being a yearly music festival where seemingly every entertainment spot was converted into a stage.

Our show was nice and quiet, interested people arrived en masse to fill the small house with gifts and conversation. I overcame my demons and went first, playing something spectral and orchestral, not too much obfuscation or aggression, just letting the sounds speak for themselves. The Great Park followed my lead, some moments of overlap before I dissipated and disappeared into the audience. The second half was a reversal, Stephen holding court with love and loss before I took up the mantle, building on the themes he'd laid out ending with some magnetic coda of something half remembered.

Got a really kind reaction, very open-minded folks with lots to say, the duality seemed to have been a hit. So it was then that we went out into the night, to meet friends and head out into bars where seemingly everyone knew everyone. Drinks flowed, bands covered Hendrix, bicycles tore off into the night and at some point forgotten, the will to party deserted us and we walked home to more sleep under a sloped roof

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