Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Playing catch-up with ourselves, we had plenty of time to make it to Zwolle, past forests, swollen rivers and incessant streams of water running from the rooves, saturating my shoes and loosening the glue. The Netherlands knows about rain, that much we've learnt.

We were headed to a huge second-hand store, located a drizzly walk from the station over the train tracks. Inside we got warm coffee and walked open-eyed round the shop, racks of clothes, boxed of vintage toys, stacks of paintings, shelves of books and endless lines of chairs and dining tables. Stephen set up near a playhouse with stuffed animals and grasses on the roof, while I took a table in earshot and began to lay out my cassettes. Half an hour later, we were both finished and had committed small excerpt sets to tape amongst the tablelamps and stuffed animals, live at Kringloop.

Back into the rain after a small browsing excursion and broodje, onto the train and Amsterdam once more, 120 kilometres southwest, enjoying that now familiar ride in past the odd shaped quayside buildings and spidery scaffold structures. To a different part of town we went though, a fantastic tram ride along crowded squares, past merchant houses and restaurants, easing our way somehow past the rivers of bicyclists and the water's edge. Something of an evening off for me, despite a tramp out in a monsoon to fetch an acoustic amp, the evening was set for guitars and dancing and I took myself thankfully off into a night of slow inebriation, waiting for tomorrow's light.

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