Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Tracing the route through the city now, but seemingly growing never more accustomed to that journey through lazy morning heat. Red dust and white-pick up trucks stream towards downtown, the roadsides lined with people waiting for cars rapide, brightly graffitied minubuses that pick up and set down travellers wherever they wish.

At the radio station, the Monday shift started at six in the morning, preparing and collating the subregion's news for the first of four live news hours, split into French and English. Then a production meeting, introductions and workflow discussion with the staff. Rice, vegetables and salad for lunch, slow-walking down the street past building sites and high-walled homes. The afternoon was all about defining workflows and wireframes, mapping the new site onto reality. Darkness fell suddenly as always – a meal, dusty ride home and broken sleep finished the day.

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