Monday, 18 July 2011

Just released my first foray into audio reporting with the first of a series of podcasts entitled Inside Source. The idea is to present views from some of the more unreported/unreportable corners of the globe.

Inside Source #1: Belarus' silent revolution by Sourcefabric

Marina Klinova from Minsk gave me a remarkable report on Belarus' silent revolution and the brutal governmental response to peaceful protest.

Organised through the "Russian Facebook" Vkontakte, the collective Revolution Through Social Networks schedule silent, peaceful flashmob demonstrations in public places. Marina told us of the serious consequences for those demonstrating, and even for the journalists reporting on the protests. Accusations of arrests being carried out in "Europe's last dictatorship" by plain clothes operatives using unmarked, unlicensed vehicles, plus the blocking of social network sites, have been reported.

The podcast also features a conversation with Claudia Méndez Arriaza, a journalist at
El Periodico Guatemala. She told us of the fear young journalists have of doing something fundamental to the practice of journalism; signing one's name to a story.

Finally, Sheriff Bojang Junior of West Africa Democracy Radio kindly volunteered a recent report of his on the empowerment of women in West Africa through microfinancing and grassroots banking.

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