Monday, 16 January 2012

Seven myths of journalism

"They are primordial stories that have guided human storytelling for ages. And they guide the news stories of today."

There are seven myths, so we are told, seven myths and seven stories. They are at the heart of all narratives. Jack Lule's book Daily news, eternal stories seeks out those seven myths in modern news stories. In every newspaper, every day, these myths appear.

But what of newspapers and their future? As news media faces an epic challenge, the likes of which as not been seen since television, can its own history and narrative arc be traced like one of these myths? Criminal activity, ownership tectonics, technological progress, shifting markets, closing doors, fading ink and the disintegration of ethics and language… and yet. And yet.

The story of news has someway to run. So, what are these seven myths and can any of them be found in the current situation news media finds itself in? Jack Lule posits the the victim, the scapegoat, the hero, the good mother, the trickster, the other world and the flood as the seven myths. I'll take those thanks Jack, he says, needing a writing challenge, and build a myth of my own. Seven days, seven myths, starting tomorrow.

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