Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Reaching the summit.

Heading to Paris, which I'm using as an excuse to resurrect this blog. It's been a while old friend, old foe. Not sure why we've fallen out quite so. You say I don't give you the full attention you deserve. I feel that when I do, I get very little back in return. So, let's start afresh and see how we get on, okay?

Why am I heading to Paris? For the GEN News World Summit, a newish fixture in the never-ending future-of-journalism circuit, but a promising and extensive one. And, of course, the theme fits exactly with an ethos that our work at Sourcefabric tries to epitomise.
"Converge. Hack. Innovate. This is the strategy that newsroom executives everywhere need to follow to drive their organisations successfully through a cross-platform media world."
For our own part, we'll be announcing a new live news tool, and generally trying to insert open source as a mainstay into this disruptive agenda. It's nice to see hacking featuring so predominantly in a conference with a dress code.

More and more organisations are beginning to realise that developers are an essential presence in the newsroom, that open source brings together both technology and media communities, and that wherever the threat to news revenue comes from, news organisations are better placed to deal with it whilst working together.

Threat, what threat? To its credit, the News World Summit is very much looking at opportunities. I shall be keeping an eye out for sessions on interactive journalism from Alastair Dant, news-as-social-media from Benoit Raphael , responsive web design from RGB Media, citizen journalism via TagesWoche and digital consumption from Eric Hazan.

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