Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Resisting the surveillance state and its network effects

One of my favourite talks from last year's re:publica featured computer security researcher Jacob Appelbaum and venture communist Dmytri Kleiner. Kleiner opens with the idea of the audience of television or Facebook as a commodity. And then...
"We've heard a lot about surveillance and one of the solutions proposed is that we need to build a different social media, one built around distributed servers and peer to peer software. This assumes we have now something called social media and we can reinvent it. This is very strange. We've already had a distributed social media platform. Some of you may remember it. It's called the Internet."
Worth watching as they move into post-privacy, public/private state interests, the Tor network, data retention, SOPA/PIPA...

(Note to re:publica organisers: get proper furniture. Making guests sit on tiny coloured plastic chairs makes them look silly in your videos, forever.)

Update 31/10: Dmytri kindly pointed me to some additional material about the talk here and here.

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