Saturday, 10 November 2012

What does our block sound like?

This weekend in London, the Mozilla Festival will be alive with over 1000 participants looking to further the open web. Sourcefabric will be there in force, working on an exciting project initiated by the Broadcasting Board of Governors, called Our Block.

We're going to be trying to answer the question, "What does our block sound like?" Our Block is an HTML5 web application that enables individuals to come together to create and participate in the power and passion of neighborhood community radio. This digital community radio platform focuses on a continuous listening experience for sharing local news, information and culture while building audience participation through a real-time, collective social experience.

Using web, audio and service APIs along with, we hope, our open source software Airtime, MozFest participants will help define and hack new features to build a platform that focuses on real time continuous listening, a shared participatory audience experience and social community building.

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