Saturday, 18 May 2013

Designs for a networked beat (in Mozambique)

Jay Rosen's thought-provoking article on the 'networked beat' has been doing the rounds for the past few days, and it dovetails nicely with our work here in Maputo. With @Verdade, a hybrid, community-driven media organisation covering Mozambique, we're building a community reporter network (and the toolset to power it).

Jay's eight hallmarks of a networked beat map perfectly with how things will work as we're monitoring the Mozambican elections.

My eight steps to a networked beat follow: 
Step 1: Define the right combination of news flows for this particular beat.
Step 2: Put an intelligent filter, made for multiple uses, on the combined flow.
Step 3: From smart filters on combined streams, make a series of simple and useful products.
Step 4: Start to register, verify and make contact with the best independent sources on the beat.
Step 5: When they’re good enough hook the filtering tools up to the work flow for beat coverage.
Step 6: Launch your “inbox on steroids” and prove to the users that it works.
Step 7: Bring key sources (from step 4) and fellow obsessives into co-production. And be prepared to compensate.
Step 8: Go pro-am. Try some campaigns. Crowdsource from an earned crowd.

Read Jay Rosen's article here, or check out our beta snapshot video here...

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